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Whatever Gel Polish 7ml

Whatever - an unobvious shade of milky purple that intrigues like an inaccessible temptress. Seemingly indifferent and cool, it delights with its feminine combination of grey and a bit of purple. How will it affect you? Amazing adherence properties Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product on the cuticles Safe No chipping Easy application – perfect...
Nailfluencer Collection

Insta Queen Gel Polish 7ml

Insta Queen - there can only be one Queen! Insta Queen is a pastel pink with a lilac note that will give you an aristocratic glow. Will Her Majesty The Queen allow? Amazing adherence properties Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product on the cuticles Safe No chipping Easy application – perfect gel polish manicure Fast curing (20 seconds) Perfect...
Nailfluencer Collection

Bad Filter Gel Polish 7ml

Bad filter - pastel grey that defends itself in any situation - regardless of the type of filter! One of the most subtle colours in the new Indigo collection. Amazing adherence properties Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product on the cuticles Safe No chipping Easy application – perfect gel polish manicure Fast curing (20 seconds) Perfect for...
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Nailfluencer Collection

Stalker Gel Polish 7ml

Stalker - a colour that you'll find hard to free yourself from! Mysterious, expressive and at the same time feminine and charming. Stalker is an intense blueberry cocktail that will delight every elegant woman, aware of her strengths! Amazing adherence properties Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product on the cuticles Safe No chipping Easy...
Nailfluencer Collection

Influencer Gel Polish 7ml

Influencer - the influential star of spring nail designs. Expressive lavender purple that attracts attention and sets new trends. Amazing adherence properties Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product on the cuticles Safe No chipping Easy application – perfect gel polish manicure Fast curing (20 seconds) Perfect for ornamenting Perfect for nail...
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Nailfluencer Collection

Hashtag Gel Polish 7ml

Hashtag - the ultimate complement of every feminine look. A sweet and girlish shade of milky pink, which appeals to all lovers of classics and the hottest Instagram trends! Amazing adherence properties Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product on the cuticles Safe No chipping Easy application – perfect gel polish manicure Fast curing (20 seconds)...
indigo nails gel polishes for nail art ireland

Why do nail technicians all over the world choose Indigo Gel Polishes?

This is because Indigo Gel Polishes:

· have the most beautiful and intense range of colours

· do not overflow the cuticles
· do not chip or crack
· are long lasting
· are very pigmented and excellent coverage
· have carefully selected ingredients that guarantee the safest application
· have a creamy consistency
· dry very quickly (in only 20 seconds)
·perfect for creating all types of designs and applying embellishments   
·are perfect for using dust effects such as: Mermaid Effect®, Pixel Effect®, Holo Effect,ect.

The Vogue Magazine named Indigo as ‘’the expert in the field of colors”. Explore our fascinating world of colors! If you are looking for more inspiration, check out our Instagram profile @indigonails_ireland and see the amazing work of our Indigo Nail Technicians

The Indigo offer includes 3 types of Gel Polishes:

· Beautiful coloursover 200 unique shades, highest quality pigmentation,  
2 layers give 100% coverage

· Effect Gel Polish – transparent mists put on the chosen colour, gives a     multi-coloured illusion

· Glitter Gel Polish – glitter varnishes with great coverage – can be applied   without a base colour as they are complete cover polishes

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Nail Polish 10ml

Kissmeralda Nail Polish 10ml

Kissmeralda - sweet, milky peach shade of summer kisses which you won't be able to resist. Capacity: 10ml
Gadgets . . . . . .

Indigo Denim Apron - Dark

Dark Denim Indigo apron qualities: Made of high-quality dark denim Two side pockets Waist ties tie up at the back and on the neck Robert Kupisz logo embroidery Indigo logo print 100% cotton   Wash and care instructions:  30°C Hand Wash Do Not Bleach Do Not Iron Do Not Tumble Dry
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Nail Polish 10ml

Base&Top 2 in 1 Nail Polish 10ml

Indigo Nails Lab
Universal product with a dual effect. It is a great base coat for the classic colour nail polishes but at the same time it speeds up the drying process. Base&Top 2 in 1 effectively reduces the time it takes to paint the nails. Capacity: 10ml
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INDIGO Accessories

Tweezer - Black

A professional nail pinch clamp is an essential tool of any nail stylist. The black colour makes it an elegant and handy gadget. It works fantastic with gels and acrylics.  Its compact size makes it fit perfectly in the lamp, so you don't have to worry about hitting the inside of the device. It will enable you to create a perfectly shaped tunnel with...
INDIGO Accessories

Laser file Expert Pro

Laser file – a double-sided nail file made of the highest quality stainless steel. Exceptional durability and ergonomic shape guarantee a long tool life. The file is suitable for autoclave sterilisation, hot air sterilisation and disinfection with dedicated agents. The product is 165 mm long and offers optimal gradation. 
Nailfluencer Collection

Like4Like Gel Polish 7ml

Like4like - a delicate and subdued, heavily whitened shade of grey that absolutely deserves your like! It delights with its naturalness during the day and captivates with its refined elegance in the evenings. Do you like it? Amazing adherence properties Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product on the cuticles Safe No chipping Easy application –...

Discover Indigo's 

Nail Art World

Nail art is one of the ways to be your own unique individual. 

Every woman wants to have ready-for-anything nails that will stand out from the crowd and show your individual personality. Our brand wants to make every woman feel glamorous.

This is the reason why our offer includes nail effects  that are and inseparable element of every magnificent stylization.


We aim to offer nail art and embellishments that separate our manicures from any regular gel polish.


Marilyn Monroe sang , ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. We totally agree and we know that our shimmering Swarovski’s cubic crystals speak for themselves.

indigo nails art stylization ireland


Have Gel polish nails revolutionized your way of thinking about a nail manicure? Even more, is nail styling your passion? Are you wondering which gel polishes are the best, how can you design and create unique effect like glass effect or holographic nails with holo manix? Has Chrome nails Metal Manix or Mermaid Effect stolen your heart? Would you like to find out the secrets of its application?

If yes is your answer to there questions, then you are in the right place – welcome to the world of Indigo Nails! The world, where your gel polish nails will be extraordinary and unique perfumes will hipnotize your mind and awake your imagination. Our world is made of professional cosmetics which will take complex care of your body and with the help of our innovative products will nourish your skin.

Gel for nails are main products that build smooth and ultra strong nails

Gel nails are still one of the most popular nails in beauty salons and our world renowned brand is not only focused on high quality gel polish appreciated by thousands of our clients. There are also products to prepare gel method, where we not only provide standard gel for nails modelling, but you can also find multicolor gels in our brush collection – Gel Brush.

This idea will simplify nail polishing with gel, as our clients can apply the gel onto the nail without any doubts about overflowing cuticles but what's more important, to polish nails very swiftly. Right after the first application you will know that our gels definitely belong on your salon shelves.

Gel polish nails are effective protection for fragile and breakable nails

Indigo gel polish is not only a quality, safety and long-lasting. We're well-known as experts in producing unique colours. We've focused on designing a one-of-a-kind color range, so our clients would be able to wear stylish nails with pride and joy. Colorful nails are appreciated all year round, that's why we decided to awaken women's imagination even more! Check out the new gel polish collection We Are The Colours!

Acrylic nail are effective classic in many nail salons

Nail stylization with acrylic method is one of the most difficult techniques of nail extension and it's a great challenge for many nail technicians. However, thanks to the abundent supply of acrylic powder Indigo Nails offers, it will be easier than you think! Acrylic nails won't be a symbol of long and hard work but on the contrary, it will be a pleasant and full of possibilities technique.

Our acrylics make a great impression but are also recommended for use in Nail competitions and championships!

Mermaid effect on your nails

Mermaid Effect is one of the most desired products and still number one for our clients. This lovely, fairy-tale effect, shining with millions of glittery pieces will enrich every color. Mermaid Effect on nails is a product that gives every color a different look, thanks to easy application.

Would you like to explore new stylish nail colours or newest nail art trends? You just have to follow our  Nails channel on YouTube.

We will inspire you to make spectacular patterns and designs, so in an easy way you can prepare the most fashionable nail for the appropriate current seasonal trends.

Indigo cosmetics will care and treasure every millimeter of your skin and hair!

Indigo Professional cosmetics are so effective because of vitamin-enrichment, particular ingredients, complex recipe and distinguished materials. Those revolutionary combinations can be found in every product from our Home SPA series.

According to us, skin care is an important part of everyday life, to enjoy and sustain your healthy look and good mood. You will feel the difference from a very first use.

Our actions and products are based on years of experience, laboratory knowledge, innovative technology and compose our own recipes leaded to creating perfumed Home SPA line of cosmetics. Unique fragrance variations, delicate consistency and wonderfully nourishing and regenerative features bring back brightness and youth to your skin. The secret of high class cosmetics by Indigo is a contents of natural ingredients, like: Moroccan Gold – Argan Oil, apple and lime extract, shea butter, cocco butter, macadamia oil and sweet almonds oil.

Why our brand is extraordinary?

Indigo Nails is a cosmetic brand that in a short space of time and hard work has become one of the top ranked brands and stole the heart of many women all over the world! We're specialist in the nail styling field, creating and composing Home SPA products, for luxury use at home.

The truth is that our brand is popular and well-known in 24 countries all around the world. Indigo revolutionized 'nail world' and it's loved by people from 4 continents: Europe, Canada, Republic of South Africa and Australia. We're still running after perfection but we're also ready to manage even the highest needs.

Indigo wants to provide happiness and huge creative satisfaction to its recipients and users. We created our brand with passion and maximum potential in sight to seek the satisfaction of our client needs, no matter what!

Indigo Nails world is a limitless horizon of ideas and possibilities and that's why we love to share them with you! Remember that our work and your dreams make this world come true.

For Indigo, everything is possible! Our most important goal is to make your dreams come true that's why you're the irreplaceable initiators and users of our gorgeous products.

You will find here: Nail Polish, Nail Polish, Gel Brush, Acrylic Systems, Gel Systems, Nail Art Products, Nail Art Accessories and Nail Art Brushes

We want everyone who begins working with Indigo Nails Lab products to be sure that they have finally found the brand that takes care of the customer’s needs. Your opinion is extremely important to us. We always pay attention to your ideas and do all we can to meet your requirements. Our wonderful customers tell us we have been developing at a rapid pace and we can proudly and happily confirm their statement. The Indigo Lab products are used every day in Spa and beauty salons in 23 countries of Europe, Australia, Canada and Africa. Now Indigo products are available in Ireland. Thank you for having chosen Indigo. Thank you for your trust. We can promise we will never let you down and will always do our best for you.

Visit our online shop at https://beautyvision.ie Visit our shop in Sligo. Main Street, Ballisodare, Co.Sligo. Contact us 0719144654

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