Wet Look 15ml

Wet Look 15ml

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Indigo Wet Look 15ml

Indigo Wet Coat is a real tough guy among all polish top coats.

Wet Look can be use to polish gel or acrylic stylizations.

Extremely shining nails! Soft, runny gel brush we can use on every builder gel by Indigo or acrylic method.

Slender brush allows to make effective application in cuticle area.

It includes UV factors makes your white nails - so trendy in this season - beautiful, clean and truely white.

The best polish top coat for hairdressers!

Curing time:

Capacity: 15 ml

Indigo Wet Look Mini 15ml

A truly tough guy among other gloss tops. The effect of extremely glossy nails! Soft and watery brush-on gel that can be applied over the gel and acrylic method.

Slender brush which enables easy application in the cuticle area.

It contains UV filter, which makes white nails that are so on this season extremely clean and flawlessly white.

Wet Look cures under UV and LED lamps.

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