Dust-Free Wipes – 2 x 500 pcs

Dust-Free Wipes – 2 x 500 pcs

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Very durable dust free wipes designed to degrease the nail plate when preparing for manicure, wiping off the dispersion layer or removing a regular nail varnish. They absorb the liquids and do not leave a dust or lint.

They are also used in the gel polish removal. Just apply the remover on the cotton swab, cover the entire nail with it and wrap with the aluminum foil.

- Degrease the nail surface

- Remove the sticky layer of the gel polish/or gel manicure

- Helpful during the gel polish removal

- Suitable for gel polish, acrylic, gel manicure

- Suitable for removing a regular nail varnish

- Can be used for cleaning tools and brushes

How to use it?

Soak the dust free wipe with the desired cleaner or remover and wipe the natural nail plate or cured gel polish coat.

Quantity: 2 x 500pcs ( 2 pack )

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