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Acrylic Powder - Natural 30g

Acrylic Powder - Natural 30g

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Acrylic Powder - Natural: a stunning shade. It is a beautifully coloured natural looking cover acrylic powder. 

Natural has subtle undertones of pink with nude which are neither warm or cold, making it the perfect shade for every skin tone and the most obvious choice for all nail styles and creations. 

It is the ideal colour for the most popular Baby Boomer/French Ombre design, as it blends seamlessly with white for that flawless airbrush effect, and of course it is the perfect choice for that classic French manicure ‘pink and white’ finish. 

This is a must-have acrylic powder colour for your product collection. 



- excellent adhesion

- no-lift technology 

- strong and flexible

- 85% colour coverage

- smooth and silky formula

- self-levelling properties

- applies and sets with ease

- non-yellowing with colour stabilisers and UV protection 

- non pixelating or marbling


Top Tip: for best results and maximum wear use in conjunction with Kohana Liquid Monomer and Kohana Primer.


Professional Use Only

Capacity: 30g

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