Removable Base

Base Removable Gel Polish 7ml

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Removable Base 

Gel polish base for general-purpose will be perfect for every hybrid manicure. What's more, it's 100% removable in Lanoline Remover. If you don't know which base coat should you choose - begin your adventure with Removable Base, which already has many fans all over the world!

  • Base for Gel Polish Collection - with its help, hybrid nail polish will last on your nails up to 6 weeks
  • It leaves very tacky dispersion layer which provides durable stylization. It also makes easier application, toughen and protects natural nail plate
  • Completely removable in Lanoline Remover
  • Delicate formula for a natural nail plate
  • Mid-thick consistence is a guarantee of easy application:gel polish doesn't overflow cuticles, doesn't flow or shrink under the lamp
  • Good price - start working with Gel Polish hybrids now!

Curing time:

  • LED lamp - 30 seconds
  • UV lamp - 2 minutes

Capacity 7ml

Removable Base

Indigo offers 3 types of Gel Polish:

  • traditional Gel Polish: lovely colours, more than 100 shades to choose, perfect pigmentation, 2 layers cover in 100%
  • Effect Gel Polish: transparent mists, which we apply on selected colour base, introducing multicolour glow to the world
  • Glitter Gel Polish: glitter gels covers perfectly -there's no need to apply them on another colour


Dispersion Layer wipe with Cleaner Super Shine Effect. Afterglow is spectacular!

Hybrid nail polish

‘Most beautiful colours on the market!’ as our customers say.

Durability and exceptional adherence.

Forget about hybrids that fade or change colour! Your customers deserve lack of chipping and 100% percent of bright colour even after 6 weeks of wearing the polish.

Hybrid and gloss top coat completely dissolve in the Remover – without filing the outer layers.

The formula is delicate for the natural nail plate.

Medium-thick consistency is a guarantee of smooth application: the polish does not spill over the cuticles, does not streak or reverse under the lamp.

Dazzling lustre of the gloss top coat.

Head-spinning colour palette, over 115 shades to choose from. 

Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.  

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