Gel Polish

by Natalia Siwiec

Best-selling Gel Polishes collection created in collaboration with the Indigo brand ambassador Natalia Siwiec.

indigo nails gel polish bad icon by natalia siwiec
indigo nails gel polish billionara by sara boruc

Gel Polish

by Sara Boruc

Classic shades of hybrid nail polish collection created in collaboration with Sara Boruc Mannei – the epitome of elegance and timeless taste. You will find different shades of femininity and sophistication within our 8 exceptional colours.

Gel Polish

Base & Top Coats

Indigo has a wide offer of top and base coats with a various consistency and appearance properties. You can choose the product to suit your preferences or the nail plate you are working with to make the manicure longer lasting.
indigo nails base and top coat
Indigo nails gel polish mini

Classic Gel Polishes

Indigo Gel Polishes are the nail stylist’s favourites all over the world . It's the colour palette that according to Vogue Magazine makes the brand an “expert in the field of colour”. Fantastic colour shades and unbeatable quality  makes Indigo Gel Polishes stand out from all other brands.

Gel Polish

Manicure Set

This beautiful box contains an ideal set for creating gel polish manicure from scratch.

indigo nails gel polish manicure se
Indigo nails gel polish mini

Wedding Collection

Beautiful colours created especially for future brides. In this collection you will find subtle nudes ideal for your wedding day.

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