Mouse Gel

Indigo’s unique product - Mousse Gel is created by combining the Nail Art and Arte Brillante Gels. It is strongly pigmented, has the consistency of a thick mousse and glossy finish. It doesn't leave a dispersion layer after curing. It is easy to apply and gives you a lot of time to perfect the design or embellishment. Recommended for 3D nail designs.

indigo nails lab mouse gel created by combining the nail art and arte brillante gels.
indigo nails lab paint black and sugar effect are perfect for using acrylic powders and maicure

Paint Black & Sugar

Effect Gels

Paint Gel and Sugar Effect - two nail art gels, one in black colour and the other in pure white shade. Both have a honey-like consistency and create a dispersive layer after curing. They are perfect for using along  with acrylic powders and to create the perfect ombré manicure.

Nail Art Gel

Nail Art Gels mean great coverage in broad colour range. They leave a dispersion layer after curing and are perfect for creating structural ornaments on the nail or ombré. Available in a pocket-size containers.

indigo nails lab nail art gel for ornaments on the nail or ombre
Indigo nails sparkle gel which shining glitter particles.

Sparkle Gel

Sparkle collection is a unique range of colour gels which contain beautiful, shining, glitter particles. They provide full and vibrant coverage. Try all 8 colour shades.

Shine On

Bling Bling Gels

Shine On Bling Bling are Indigo gels with a honey-like consistency that do not leave a dispersive layer on the manicure after curing. They are perfect for creating nail ornaments and ombré and are available in three shades.

indigo nails shine on bling bling gels are perfect for nail ornaments and ombre
Indigo nails glitter gel

Glitter Gel

Glitter Gels come in enchanting combinations of colours. High quality pigments spread nicely without leaving smudges or streaks. It's the perfect choice for a long lasting shimmering manicure.

Glitter Gel is a great idea for adding jewellery to your hands. See for yourself how enhancing these glitter gels are to your manicure by trying out Glitter Gel Prince of Persia, gorgeous SapphireDesert Rose or heather shade Marrakech. Find your favourite in the range of 14 shades

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