Smoke Powder

Smoke Powder is a highly saturated range of electric primary colours. With these vibrant coloured powders, you can get a sultry, smoky effect in any, picturesque combination of your choice.

indigo nails smoke powder are range of electric colours.
indigo nails lab mermaid effect loved by women worldwide.

Mermaid Effect

Mermaid Effect is a bestselling Original Indigo Nail Effect, loved by women worldwide. Mermaid Effect is available in 12 shades – from neutral, subtle pastels to vibrant neons for any occasion. Two ways of application can create either a smooth surface or a frosty effect.

Snow Effect

Snow Effect - spectacular frosty effect available in black or crystal snow white. Create an ideal party manicure that suits every stylization and will look amazing with classic silver jewellery.

indigo nails lab ireland snow effect
Indigo nails lab holo effect

Holo Effect

Holo Effect are tiny particles that come alive in the light with all the colours of the rainbow and create an fantastic manicure. Holo dust is available in 14 different shades.

Pixel Effect

Pixel Effect - glitter particles that create a sequins effect on the nail. Available in eight different shades among them five electric neons ideal for summer season. The effect can be applied to create a smooth surface or frosty effect when sprinkled on the nail.
indigo nails lab Pixel Effect Indigo effects glitter
Indigo nails lab ireland metal manix indigo effect

Metal Manix

Metal Manix® is an outstanding dust in 12 colour shades.  It will create a metallic shine, chrome or chameleon variations.


GlassMe® is a very fine, subtle dust that creates a beautiful colour shine on your nail. Once applied it creates a smooth, iridescent appearance. The dust should only be rubbed onto a products with a dispersive layer after curing.

indigo nails lab ireland, glass me, indigo effects, glass me rainbow, glass me volcano, glass me gold, glass me silver
Indigo nails indigo effect glammer glass me effect glammer


Glammer is a very fine nail powder and comes in golden and silver version. It creates a subtle but effective pearly surface and appearance. Glammer should be applied on products without dispersive layer after curing.

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