Gel Brushes

Gel method brushes are made of high quality 100% natural Kolinsky hair bristles.

One brush has the high quality finish that will last you years of work. The bristles will stay in perfect condition, bouncy and tight. A precise shape of the brush allows for product application close to the cuticles without overflowing it. No more air pockets in your gel nails, you won’t be seeing them again!

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Acrylic Brushes

Brushes for acrylic method - create perfect shapes

Every nail stylist knows how important is to use a good high quality brush. The acrylic method requires a lot of patience, hard work, precision when applying product. You must choose the perfect tool which will make your work quicker, effective and suit your technique. The secrets of  brushes are hidden in durability and high-quality materials.

NailArt Brushes

Nail Art Brushes - comfortable and appropriate to all techniques

Every nail stylist needs a comfortable and durable brush for precise nail art designs.

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