Nail Polish

by Natalia Siwiec

Regular nail polishes available in a wide range of shades chosen by our brand ambassador, Natalia Siwiec for the Gel Polish collection.

Indigo Nails Lab Ireland Nail Polish Natalia Siwiec Gel Polish
Indigo Nails Lab Ireland Sara Boruc Gel Polish Nails

Nail Polish

by Sara Boruc

Beautiful and durable nail polishes in very elegant and feminine shades.

Base & Top Coats

Create a long lasting manicure with a range of regular nail polish base & top coats.

Indigo nails ireland base top coats nail polish gel
Indigo nails gel polish indigo classic nail

Classic Nail Polishes

Indigo classic nail polishes are available in wide colour range and are heavily pigmented. They don’t contain formaldehyde. Classic Nail Polishes have a creamy consistency, they work very well with the natural nail plate. Their formula makes them fast drying and non chip.

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