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Hi! My name is Kate Kruszynska. I was born and raised in Poland. I always loved to paint and draw from a young age and my favourite subject in school was always art, but when I finished school I chose a completely different path. I trained and started to work as a police-woman, in the Traffic Accident Department, as it was a great career choice. I worked as a police-woman for a number of years, but I decided to follow my heart and move to Ireland, which is where my husband was working. I took part in a nail course in 2008, and that's how my journey into the beauty industry began. I loved having my own nails done and I thought nails could be a great idea for me to have as a spare occupation when I moved here to Ireland, as I didn’t really know what I would be doing initially. It was very difficult for me in the beginning, moving to a brand new country, with almost no English, not knowing anyone… but I did it, I managed and here I am!!!!!

In 2010 nails became my full time job. First I opened a small nail bar in a hairdressers, but I have come a long way since then!!! Now I have my own designated nail bar and exquisite training centre located in the picturesque village of Ballisodare in county Sligo. From 2015 I have been successfully running Beauty Vision Ltd. Company and an accredited training centre. I am a qualified ITEC Educator and I provide accredited beauty courses for nails, eyelashes and eyebrows. The courses are suitable for beginners and qualified beauty therapists alike. There is something to suit everyone and courses can be tailored to suit individual needs. In 2019, Beauty Vision Ltd was awarded the "Best Established Business" in Co. Sligo and in 2020 I was awarded the title of  “Best Nails & Brows Educator in Ireland” and I am so proud of myself!

I am the creator and owner of Kohana Professional. Kohana is my brand of professional beauty products for nails, eyelashes and eyebrows. The name Kohana came from many different places and it is very unique. In the Japanese language it means “little flower”, but it has two more very personal meanings for me: I love Walt Disney, especially the movies, and in the movie "Lilo & Stitch" I heard the line: “ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”, and from there the Kohana name was born. Using 'K' for Kate, and 'Ohana' for family, together they make 'Kohana', for Kate's family. The other very special meaning with Kohana is in the Polish language Kohana means “loved one”, and so I thought this was just PERFECT for my brand name, because every person is loved and considered family.

Through my hard work and determination I have achieved the highest championship title in Ireland: ‘Irish National Nail Champion 2018’. I am also a multiple award winner in the ‘Nail Styling Championships’ in Ireland and the UK in the masters division, the hardest category where nail masters compete against one another - and to say I am proud of myself is an understatement. I am and have been a judge for nail competitions around the globe, as well as an influencer and inspiration for many other nail technicians. For me there is no ‘impossible’! I really enjoy nail art, but my real true love is the technical creation of nails. The engineering, construction and creation of flawless technical nails, especially constructed competition style ‘pink and white’ nails is where my real passion lies. This is my happy place!

I have been sharing my work and knowledge on social media to help others for a while now and I absolutely love this element of my work. I really enjoy sharing information and participation through social media, and you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok, under the handle: @beautyvision_ireland. I started social media three years ago and since then I have reached over 60,000 followers which is just wonderful. The content I share is all about nails, nail art and beauty. To think that I am sharing my creativity with so many is an amazing feeling for me, so please feel free to follow and share with others. I love it!

Behind the world of my business I am a loving wife and a mother to three wonderful children. I am an animal lover, with two dogs and one cat at home. I love travelling and trying different foods, and I am hugely passionate about a fit and healthy lifestyle.

But for now, this is me!
I would love to see you all!!! Whether it’s through social media or in the training centre in Ballisodare, Sligo, everyone is welcome and there is nothing too small to ask me about. I am always happy to help!

Be brave and anything is possible. You can do it if you try!

Big kisses, Kate

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