Address: Beauty Vision Limited, Main Street, Ballisodare, Co.Sligo
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0719115711

My name is Rachel Burke. I am from Ireland and I come from a small village in County Sligo called Collooney. I grew up here and much to everyone's surprise, yes I am Irish! I’m a simple country girl who grew up outdoors, in the fields, the woods and the garden surrounded by my family, who I am extremely close with. I have horses and they are my first love, in fact I don't know what my life would be like without them. I love all types of animals, big and small, and whenever I'm not surrounded by animals, you will probably find me in a car! Fast cars, classic cars, doesn't matter - I love them all!

But enough about that, onto the NAILS!

I am so proud to say that I am a fully qualified, award winning Irish Nail Technician and an Internationally Certified Nail Educator.

However this was not always the “plan”. I started out my career training to be a Nurse, I know, very different!!!! I first became a qualified Health Care Assistant and after my graduation I worked full time in Sligo University Hospital in the Emergency Department on night shift. I loved the excitement, the unknown of each arrival, the adrenaline and meeting new people. So why did I change my career, I hear you ask? Well, this decision was made for me. I suffered from recurring ankle dislocations for many years. I was on and off work for quite some time waiting for scans and answers, until finally I got the help I was looking for from a specialised surgeon who was very optimistic he would solve my pain, but he also told me something I was not expecting… He told me I would never be able to go back to a full-time job on my feet again. And so my life changed forever.

That's when I met the wonderful Katarzyna Kruszynska, otherwise known as Kate, and my nail journey began. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and this path of meeting Kate and how she introduced me to the world of nails was exactly meant to be. I feel so privileged to have found my "it" in life. I will be eternally grateful to Kate for giving me all the opportunities, friendship and continued support which has led me this far. Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating a little at life, because when I wake in the morning I never feel like I'm going to work. It always feels fun and exciting, and it is rewarding beyond explanation. This is the feeling I get from working as a Nail Technician surrounded by such wonderful people!

I feel my nail journey has gone from strength to strength thanks to hard work and determination, completing numerous courses, training days and HOURS of practice. I have competed in many nail competitions both nationally and internationally and I am so very proud to say I have over 16 wins including the coveted title “Winner of Winners” for Art at the prestigious ‘Nailympia Competition’ in London, and also the title of ‘Irish Nail Technician 2019’.

I'm not afraid of hard work and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make sure I can say without hesitation, I tried my best. Long hours and tough work doesn’t phase me and I'm very passionate about what I do. I especially love to be artistic with nails. I love art and I'm so lucky that I can now use my love for art everyday in my work as a nail technician and create something beautiful everyday. And not only that but I also get to share my love of art and pass it on to students in my courses. It makes my soul happy when I get to help others. Watching someone grow and learn is honestly one of the best feelings. I am honoured to share my passion and knowledge with my students. I am not afraid to give everything I have to them and want them to experience the joy of nails and art in the same way I do! I never knew all the possibilities it contained, so I want to spread it far and wide, and let everyone else share the magic too!

It would be my pleasure to welcome everyone to my courses, where undoubtedly we will have copious amounts of tea and giggles, while learning all there is to learn about nail art and everything in between! My courses are run in Beauty Vision Ballisodare, with small groups to ensure each student's individual needs are met and all levels and capabilities are tended to. There is no question too big or small and I would always encourage my students to message me anytime following a course for any extra help that they may need. I am a very normal person and would be happy to help out in any way that I can! My career changed for me, when I least expected it to - and nails came to save me! They could do the same for you, you’ll never know until you try. And I would be honoured to be the person to help get you there!

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Sparkle like glitter! - Rachel Bee x

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