Address: LA Nails Academy
Mounthawk Roundabout, Fenit Road, Tralee Co.Kerry V92WR25
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0894728336

My name is Aga.
I am a fully qualified nail technician and nail educator working in Tralee, County Kerry with the Kohana Professional Team. I never planned to become a nail technician. I always wanted to work in an office and that's why I completed administrative studies. But, to be completely honest, this job turned out to be too boring for me! I went to my first nail course a little bit by accident, I went instead of my sister-in-law, but ever since, the world of nails has encapsulated me and I have become more and more in love. Over 10 years ago my adventure with nails began and it continues to this day, however, it was not an easy path. After several dozen training days and courses with various instructors, thousands of hours of practice, learning new techniques, tons of dust, tears and anger when something did not work out and everything else in between - it was entirely worth it in the end!!!! I became a Kohana Nail Educator! I am extremely proud of myself.

When it comes to nails I do love a simple, elegant or ‘natural look’, although recently I have fallen head over heels for avant-garde crazy nail shapes, where technical skills and an eye for detail is required, but you can go crazy artistically with these incredible nail creations, so this is a little bit of me all wrapped in one and I just love it! I would be happy to teach these crazy shapes to students, passing on my true passion for the lines, shapes, angles and colours with artistic flow. During my courses you will get so much knowledge, both theoretical and practical. I invite you to come and train with me, on any of my courses. It would be my pleasure.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you,


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