Control Builder - Natural 50ml

Control Builder - Natural 50ml

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Control Builder Natural 

Our Control Builder Gels are created based on the latest formula on the market. They are exceptionally durable, long lasting and flexible at the same time. They have very good adhesion to both tips and the natural nail plate. The exothermic polymerization reaction (burning sensation) has been reduced to a minimum, almost imperceptible. Non - leveling, fluffy/creamy texture allows you to work on five nails at a time if you wish. The Control Builder Gels are perfect for both beginners and advanced nail technicians. It has excellent adhesion around the cuticles. Recommended for building nails on tips and nail forms. Perfect for creating short extensions or extreme shapes.


• Thick & fluffy/creamy texture
• Reduced burning sensation
• Excellent adhesion around cuticles
• Non self-leveling
• Three-phase gel
• Builder


1) Matt the natural nail surface
2) Dehydrate the nail using Cleaner 1
3) Apply the nail form or tip
4) Use the primer (Acid or Acid Free Primer)
5) Apply Pro Base - cure for 30 sec
6) Apply two layers of the Control Builder
7) Wipe with Cleaner 1 or Cleaner 2 to remove stickiness
8) File it to desired shape
9) Apply Gel Polish Colour
10) Protect with Super Gloss Top Coat

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