Kohana Cuticle Bit No.5
Kohana Cuticle Bit No.5
Kohana Cuticle Bit No.5
Kohana Cuticle Bit No.5

Kohana Cuticle Bit No.5

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Bit No.5 – a long teardrop shaped bit, used to clean the surface between the nail and the proximal fold. The slightly sharpened shape allows you to separate the cuticles from the nail plate. The unique shape helps to work on a hard to reach areas and smooth the nail surface. High quality material guarantees a long-term and trouble-free usage. It can be sterilized in autoclaves or other devices intended for tool sterilization.

Bit No.5 Function:
•cleaning the space between the natural nail plate and cuticles
•removing dead tissues
•prepares the cuticle for perfect gel polish application
•smooth the nail surface

Gradation: Medium

Size (mm): 2.0 x 10

(Professional Use Only)

Contraindications: Nail & skin diseases


What's the best way of taking care of this tool? Remember that those below factors have influence on rusting process:

- unappropriate process of sterilization and disinfection of tools
- long time of soaking tools in disinfection solutions
- using of unappropriate cleaning and disinfection products
- unappropriate solutions' concentration of cleaning or disinfection products
- sterilization of wet, not dry tools in high temperatures
- unappropriate temperature during sterilization process
- unappropriate time of sterilization process
- use of tap water for steam autoclave
- unclean water in autoclave
- unappropriate storage of tools

Working with the electric file machine is not complicated but requires a lot of practice. So if you are starting your adventure with the electric file, start with a very gentle pressure and a lower gradation of bits (fine or medium) not to damage the natural plate. We also advise to complete the Electric File Course where you will learn the different techniques of using the e-file, the purpose, and types of bits. Your client’s safety is a priority!

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