Removable Protein Base

Removable Protein Base 7ml

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Removable Protein Base 

Removable Protein Base - life-changing discovery in the field of weak and broken nails.

  • Our Base is full of proteins which nurture and toughen your nail plate. It begins to protect our nails right after curing time. Brings back healthy and gleaming look.
  • Delicate formula protects natural nail plate in 100%. Base also protects destroyed nail plate against external factors and mechanical injuries.
  • Do you want your gel polish stay on soft, flexible nails? Protein Base harden nails and improves their strength and durability.
  • Unique attributes of Protein Base let you extend nail bed, rebuild broken nail plate, gently over build of C-curve and nail plate inequalities correction. Thanks to its consistence, application of Protein Base is very easy!
  • Moreover, base is completely dissolvable in Remover.

Beautiful and healthy nail plate is a dream of every woman, which can come true thanks to Indigo Protein Base!

Capacity: 7 ml

How to use Protein Base?

You can use it just like typical gel polish base. First layer should be thin but the second one builds a nail and C-curve.

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