Removable Cover Base Very Cool 7ml

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NEW ARRIVAL! Cover Base Very Cool is an amazing product, which adds a touch of colour to nails  and makes the stylist's work quicker! Amazing base coat with a high pigmentation provides 95% coverage and creates a cool, pink shade on nails. Apart from amazing colour, it has a thick cosistency, perfect for building a C-curve and slongate the nail even up to 3mm.

Cover Base Very Cool will be perfect for:

using as a classic base coat which will amplify the colour of the manicure,

as an fill in to gel manicure,

as a standalone product for creating an express manicure – the base alone is enough to create a beautiful nude shade of cool pink.

Apply the base coat in two layers. First, aply a thin one, then a building  coat, which prevents shinking  of the product.

The name refers not only to a cool shade of pink but...the product itself! This base is  simply cool! Very Cool!

Curing time 30-60 seconds

* when used as a standalone product, apply a top coat.

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