Take Your Time Builder 30ml

Take Your Time Builder 30ml

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Take Your Time Builder is a super thick, cristal transparent gel.

It acts like acrylic, allows you to build very strong tunnel and sharp lines. It's perfect for nail designs like Bijou and it can be used instead of glue because it attaches stronglyornaments and crystals.

Thanks to gel's consistence you can work without any obstacles over its shape and you can be sure that this gel won't over-flow cuticles or stream.

Its consistence doesn't change due to any temperature.


Gel can burns under the lamp so apply it with very thin layers. You can also put a hand in front of lamp to reduce the effect of first polymerization.

Curing time:

Capacity: 30 ml


Take Your Time Builder is a super thick gel, acting like acrylic. It's amazingly transparent and crystal. With its help you can build sharp lines of a very strong tunnel.

Take Your Time Builder helps you model perfect shape even in the hottest days. No matter if the temperature gets high 45 Celsius degrees - the consistence is still the same!

Gel can be corrected as long as you need to, so finally you will cure a perfect shape in the lamp. Work out shape smoothly, without worries about runny gel or overflood cuticles.

Take Your Time is a lovely crystal gel, which we use for jewellery nail art. It keepscrystals and other ornaments strongy like glue.

If you like thick gels and you're looking the one that will make your work easier during warm days - this gel is made for you!

Take Your Time Collection is dedicated for those stylists who work in warm countries. This gel is the most popular gel in Italy, Croatia and Australia.

Relax! Take Your Time!

Work in calm and without a hurry! Indigo will take care of your comfort.

Curing time: 2 min in UV lamp

Tip: Gel won't burn in a lamp if you apply thin layers.

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