Pro Base 10ml

Pro Base 10ml

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Pro Base - the ultimate in gel polish treatments and a must have in your nail kit! The most durable base for gel polish and gel extensions, providing perfect adherence, flawless results every time and super strong resilience for everyday wear.. 

Pro Base is a genius gel polish product designed for creating super strength manicures, securing your nails and ensuring they stay in place for up to an incredible 4/5 weeks - yes, you read that correctly! With perfect e-file nail plate preparation, correct primer choice and faultless Pro Base application you really could get 4/5 weeks from your beautiful manicures. It really is magical!   

Pro Base perfectly smooths the natural nail plate with extreme ease and can amend irregular nail plate imperfections. The flexible properties of Pro Base means that it can absorb the shocks of everyday wear and tear which help prevent nail injuries or breakage. 

Thanks to its medium-thick consistency you can even create a small nail extension to mend a natural nail during gel polish treatments - and you can learn how to do this during the Advanced Gel Polish course.


Pro Base:

Easy application

No-chip manicure

Long lasting

Perfect consistency

Self levelling

File-off formula


Application (LED Lamp):

Prepare the natural nail plate (preferably using an e-file), - push back cuticles, matt surface of the nail plate, shorten and shape nail to the desired look, wipe nail plate thoroughly using Cleaner 1 Ready.

Apply appropriate primer.

Apply medium thick layer of Pro Base and cure, 30secs dual LED Lamp.

To create stronger manicures apply a second ‘builder’ layer of Pro Base, building a C-Curve on the Apex of the nail and cure. (Learn how to do this technique here: Advanced Gel Polish Course). 

Finish with top coat of choice for natural look nails and wipe with Cleaner 3 Go! Or continue with gel polish colour application as normal for an excellent manicure.


Capacity: 10ml

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