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Electric File - LIVE COURSE

Electric File - LIVE COURSE

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  • 26 January 2021

Live Course

Time: 9:30AM - 12PM

Level: Beginners/Advanced

This course is addressed to both beginners and experienced nail technicians.

You will learn how to work safely with the electric file and the different types of bits:

Topics Covered:

1. Electric file construction
2. Types of electric file bits and their purpose
3. Different techniques of working with e-file
4. Refining and shaping gel layers 
5. Removing bulk gel layers
6. Reducing the length of nail extension
7. Using the electric file to speed up your gel removal time
8. Cuticles preparation with tear drop and cylinder shaped bits
9. How to clean your electric file and bits

This course is definitely a great add-on to your existing skills as a nail technician and a very important one as it shows you how to use the electric file in a safe manner, ensuring you do not damage your client's natural nail plate.

The electric file course is perfect for nail technicians who are looking to keep your skills up to date, speed up the treatment time and maximize your profits.

Educator: Kate Kruszynska

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