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Perfect Shape Gel/Forms - LIVE COURSE

Perfect Shape - LIVE COURSE

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Course Date
  • 25th January 2021

Live Course

Time: 10:00AM - 15.00PM

Level: Intermediate

Course Content:

  • This training is for an experienced Nail Stylists in order to work on a specific technique or address a certain problem in nail extension (almond, oval, ballerina shapes). During this training, the process is discussed in the finest details and any problems or mistakes are corrected. However, before the meeting takes place there is an initial verification of students knowledge and skills in nail styling. After training the students will receive a completion Certificate. 

    • Gel Extensions on nail forms
    • Oval, Almond, Coffin & Ballerina Shapes
    • Perfecting Nail Filing Techniques
    • Correct way of cutting and placing the form 
    • Correct ways of filling the extensions to the desired shape

Educator: Kate Kruszynska

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