Sanding Bands Red Grit 180 - 20pcs

Sanding Bands Red Grit 180 - 20pcs

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Sanding Band Red - Alumina oxide Sanding bands, we have four types of nail sanding band, alumina, silicon carbide, Zirconium and the white, our materials are imported, Cooperate with nail machine used together. for crystal armor special for nail polishing nursing. On the principle of scientific design, Light Weight.

Material: Aluminium Oxide

Colour: Red

Size: 6.35 x 12.7mm

Grit: 180 Grit (fine)

Quantity: 20pcs

Excellent Heat Dissipation and no clogging Sanding Bands are applied to electric nail files. You can easily use it to do your manicure and pedicure work and create your perfect nail shape! Kohana Professional sanding bands are made by premium quality material. The grit raw material produced in US or Japan, the liner is thick and durable cotton fabric, they are stuck with non-toxic and eco-friendly glue. There are five colours available: white zebra (made of aluminium oxide produced in Japan), brown (made of aluminium oxide), green (made of aluminium oxide produced in USA), red (made of aluminium oxide) and black (made of silicon carbide produced in Japan).

Make Doing Nail Filing Easier, Faster, Safer, and more Economical!

Although there are many ways and tools for preparing the nail surface, gel removing and pedicure today, the sanding band is still loved by many nail technicians. Due to the material and filing principles, it is safer than the drill bit made by other material, such as carbide and ceramic, even a beginner can filing nail easily without worrying about the safety issue. You only need to slip it on a mandrel and start your work with either of the right hand or left hand.

The sanding band has the similar function with a nail file, but instead of rubbing the nail with a file, the sanding band helps do professional filing work comfortably.

What’s more, the sanding band can touch and file nail sidewall as easy as blowing off dust. The sanding bands are disposable. Change the used sanding band after every client for health and safety.

Operating Speeds are between 25% 50% of maximum speeds and also depend on the type of electric file.

Eco-friendly Glue: non-toxic & odourless

Tight Spirals: hard to bend & no glue blocks in spirals

Sharp Edge: easy to clean nail fold

Elastic Inner Cloth: perfectly fit 6.35mm (1/4") mandrels, easy to put in & take off.




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