Podiatry Nail Nipper - 14cm
Podiatry Nail Nipper - 14cm
Podiatry Nail Nipper - 14cm
Podiatry Nail Nipper - 14cm

Podiatry Nail Nipper - 14cm

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Podiatry Nail Nipper 14cm - High quality stainless steel concave jaw nipper. Extremely sharp pedicure nipper with a barrel spring action. Fitted with a safety lock for enhanced protection. Designed to cut through tough and problematic toenails with ease. These specially shaped blades can access between the nail and surrounding skin with delicate accuracy.  The heavy duty barrel spring provides the correct pressure for the nippers to be used on hard and thickened nails. After use the handles should be pushed together and secured with the safety lock.

- For thick, tough and problematic nails

- Easy to control with precise accuracy

- Barrel spring action for comfort of use

- Extremely sharp blades 


Note: This tool should be used for its intended purposes only. Protect the tool and blades against mechanical damage e.g. falling. This tool is suitable for

chemical disinfection and sterilisation. Ensure to follow the exact instructions of the disinfectant solution to avoid damaging the tool from prolonged chemical exposure.

Amount: 1pc

Professional Use Only


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