Cleaner Steady 2 - 150ml

Cleaner Steady 2 - 150ml

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Cleaner 2, Steady: is the perfect product to remove any gel dispersion or inhibitions layers, (sticky/tacky layer), from gels, top coats, gel polish colours and nail art products. It is also the ideal cleaner to correct any ‘oops’ moments to ‘steady’ you up and fix the error before continuing with the nail treatment or art design creations. 


Cleaner number 2 is also a fantastic Slip Solution for use with the Polygel system. This cleaning liquid has the correct ingredients to be used in conjunction with Polygel systems as a slip solution allowing you to perfectly mould and shape the product with your polygel brush by simply gliding over the product. 


How to use: apply using a dust free pad and wipe the surface gently wherever is needed.

As a slip solution: pour a small amount of cleaner number 2 into a dappen dish or ceramic bowl and dip your Polygel brush into the liquid. Tap off the excess on the side of the dish, and gently tap your Polygel product into the desired shape with the slightly damp brush. The brush should be damp, not dripping wet. The cleaning liquid acts as a perfect slip solution for Polygel products, allowing the brush to glide effortlessly across the Polygel without it sticking to the brush hairs. 


Warning: Professional Use Only. Keep away from heat and naked flame. Poisonous if swallowed. Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid contact with the skin. If redness or any other signs of an adverse reaction should occur, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice. Keep out of reach of children.


Professional Use Only

Capacity: 150ml/5.07oz

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