Sticky Gel 10ml

Sticky Gel 10ml

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Sticky Gel - a product that is exactly that = it is sticky gel! This is a wonderful nail art product that has been developed to specifically hold an extremely high inhibition layer after curing, to allow for effortless nail art effect applications. Effects such as: transfer foil, nail art foil, royal shimmer, mermaid effect, Galaxy sparkle and lots more glitters too. This is a medium thick clear gel that can be applied all over the nail or drawn on using your nail art brush to create a unique design for where you would like the art to adhere to. 


- Easy application

- Perfect consistency

- No smudging

- Easy file-off removal

- Super adhesion 


Application (LED Lamp):

Apply Sticky Gel onto your already cured colour gel polish and cure it for 30 seconds.

Apply transfer foil/glitter/art medium of choice into the sticky inhibition layer. 

Protect with a layer of Super Gloss Top Coat or Super Matt Top Coat. 

Enjoy a stunning effect for weeks!


Capacity: 10ml

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