Kohana mermaid dust
Kohana mermaid dust
Kohana mermaid dust
Kohana mermaid dust

Mermaid Dust - Gold 2,5g

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The gold-orange sparkle of the Mermaid Gold will completely change your manicure! These tiny shimmery particles give a WOW effect but are delicate at the same time. 

The Mermaid dust can be applied to any Gel Polish Colour but to fully bring out the shimmer colour apply on a black base.  So try it on to see the final effect!

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There are two ways you can apply the Mermaid Dust on nails depending on the effect you want to achieve: smooth and shiny or frosty?

Smooth Effect Application

1. Apply the Mermaid Dust on the second cured layer of the UV Gel Polish Colour with an applicator or your finger.

2. Remove excess dust using a soft brush.

3. Apply a UV Top Coat on the entire nail, making sure that the free edge of the nail is well protected and cure (30 sec in an LED Lamp) 

4. When cured, wipe off the sticky layer of the nails using a Cleaner if needed. 

Frosty Effect Application

1. Apply a Dry Top Coat (without the sticky layer) and sprinkle the Mermaid Dust all over the nail before curing.

2. Make sure the nail is fully and well covered with the dust. 

3. Cure in the lamp (30 sec in LED Lamp)

4. Brush off the excess dust with a soft brush

5. Smoothen the edges with a file.

Common Mistakes and how to fix them? (Smooth Effect) 

The Mermaid Dust will not rub to the surface?
- The dispersion layer (sticky layer) of the chosen UV Gel Polish Colour was too light or the colour was cured too long.

The Mermaid Dust starts to peel or roll during the application?
- The layer of the effect was applied too thick. 

The effect looks irregular on the nail?
- The layer of the effect was applied too thin.

The Mermaid Dust rubs off the free edge?
- The nail edges were not protected correctly with a Top Coat 

The Mermaid Dust peels off in flakes?
- Either the Base or Gel Polish Colour coat wasn't cured enough. 

 Common Mistakes and how to fix them? (Frosty Effect)   

The Mermaid Dust comes off the nail or peels off?
- The wrong Top Coat was used. Can't use a Top Coat with a dispersion layer (sticky layer) after curing as the effect won't stay on.   

The nail edges feel very sharp and rough?
- When finish applying the dust, smoothen the nail edges with a file.

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