Nail Art Foil - Mermaid Pink

Nail Art Foil - Mermaid Pink

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Mermaid Pink Nail Art Foil will help to create a unique & magical designs on your nails!

This holographic foil has a pinky-green shine and will beautifully blend into a gel polish, gel or acrylic manicure.

Size: 100x4cm

• Works great on gel, acrylic and natural nails
• Create a unique designs
• Delicate, holo mermaid shine


1. Apply the base coat and cure;

2. Apply the gel polish colour and cure;

3. Cut the nail art foil into small pieces (any shape you want);

4. Apply the top coat before placing the small pieces onto the nail and do not cure;

5. Use a toothpick or a pointy tool to place and move the small pieces;

6. When the foil composition is ready, cure the top coat and secure it with another layer of the top coat.

Quantity: 1pc

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