Kohana Pro Acrylic L

Kohana Pro Acrylic L

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Kohana Pro Acrylic L – easily apply the acrylic mass and build a perfect smile line. Made of the high quality Kolinsky cat tongue shaped hair. Ergonomically designed brush for perfect balance and comfort of use. 

Hair Length: 22x8mm 

Cleaning & Care Tips...

How to clean my brush?
The Kolinsky natural hair need a special care for longer brush life.

  • Use acrylic monomer liquid

  • Pour a small amount of the monomer in to the jar and dip in gently|

  • Wipe in the brush hair on the dust free pad in a gentle flat movements

  • Gently wipe off the excess acrylic mass to taper the hair back together to the desired shape

  • Always store the brush with the hair down especially after cleaning

  • Always store the brush with the cap on to prevent hair damage and product curing

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