Kohana Nail Art Brush 15

Kohana Nail Art Brush 15

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Kohana Nail Art 15 – long and narrow nail art brush for painting extra thin lined designs like zebra print, stripes and geometric patterns. The long hair helps to eliminate shakiness, creating smooth and straight lines.  

Hair Length: 15mm synthetic hair

Cleaning & Care Tips...

How to clean my brush?
The nail art brushes are made of a delicate synthetic hair and it is important to know how to clean it properly to maintain the hair structure and get the most out of your brush. 

  • Use any clear UV base or top coat (preferably one that leaves a sticky layer after curing)

  • Place a blob of the base or top coat on a dust/lint free wipe

  • Wipe in the brush hair on the dust free pad in a gentle circular motion

  • Gently wipe off the excess gel to taper the hair back together to the desired shape

  • Always store the brush with the hair down especially after cleaning

  • Always store the brush with the cap on to prevent hair damage and product curing

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