Kohana Nail File Ellipse 100/180

Nail File Ellipse 100/180

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Ellipse File 100/180 – disposable, double-sided nail file. Easy to grip, ergonomic shape makes it one of the most popular products, mainly due to the ease of use and the most often chosen gradation. The rounded edges prevent any accidental skin cuts. Each file is individually packed to provide a greater hygiene and safer product storage. The fine - grained 180 side is perfect when working on a natural nail plate and the medium- grained 100 is designed to remove the product (gel, gel polish or acrylic).

Professional nail files made of the highest quality Japanese abrasive materials and produced with a great attention to every detail. A hard base, durability and a great comfort of use makes it perfect for treatment in both; the beauty salons and at home. Designed to work with the natural nails and tips: to shorten, shape and straighten the sides. 

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