Acid Free Primer 10ml

Acid Free Primer 10ml

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Acid Free Primer 10ml – it works like a double sticky tape, inceasing adhesion of the product (gel or acrylic) to the natural nail plate. Unlike Acid Free Primer it doesnt evaporate from the nail but leaves a sticky layer on the nail surface that bonds the nail plate with the product. Recommended for all regular customers. The Acid Free formula is gentle to the nail and skin around it.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Prepare the natural nail plate (push away the cuticlels, matt the nail surface, shorten the length and wipe with the acetone cleaner). Apply a very thin layer of the Acid Free Primer by brushing it into the nail plate. It will leave a sticky layer on the nail plate that you don't wipe but continue your manicure by applying the base on top of it.

Capacity: 10ml

(Professional Use Only)

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